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Vietnamese people, businesses and government are facing numerous challenges to achieve the goal set out at the 13th National Party Congress, striving to make Viet Nam a developed nation by 2045 as a law-governed State with a free market economy, as well as a democratic, fair and civilized society.

Commercial arbitration is one of the indicators for such development. Thanks to the advantages brought by arbitration, including confidentiality and professional experts who are also business savvy, disputing parties are presented with the opportunities to participate in arbitral proceedings in a fair, convenient, time-saving and cost-effective manner. Growing with the right to freedom of trade for the people and businesses after Renovation, commercial arbitration has become more popular among the business community for the recent 30 years. Currently there are 32 active arbitration centers nationwide, with about 500 arbitrators, providing resolutions to business disputes.

Nevertheless, the number of arbitration cases is still insignificant, accounting for only 1% of the total number of commercial cases, compared to those resolved by the Court. With strong and stable stance, an alliance to promote free market economy and arbitration is united by the business community’s awareness, demand and expectation; the arbitration centers’ and arbitrators’ professionalization and internationalization efforts; as well as state administration agencies’ support, encouragement, supervision and promotion of accountability towards arbitration activities.

The purposes of arbitration training and research activities are to spread knowledge, share skills, integrate global value to make arbitration activities more professional, international and reliable for domestic and foreign business communities. VIART, Vietnam Institute for International Arbitration Research and Training, is a contributor to connecting and sharing arbitration knowledge.

VIART connects, promotes innovative ideas to share knowledge on arbitration, especially for the business community and students of business, law, economy and commerce institutions. VIART focuses on developing professional skills for litigants, from preparing the documents, narrowing the scope of dispute, to reasoning, convincing relevant parties. Besides, VIART aims at building the value of arbitrators, who act fairly, independently and impartially to bring out satisfactory and reasonable resolutions.

VIART looks forward to and thanks the attention, sharing and joint contribution of the people, business community, education centers, practicing institutions and press organizations, especially the attention and support from the local and central state agencies. All of these efforts together contribute towards building a free market economy, a fair, democratic and law-abiding state, a resilient, stable and robust justice system in today’s ever-changing world./.


Vietnam Institute for International Arbitration Research and Training (VIART) was officially established on 30/07/2021 under Decision No.79/QĐ-VIAC of the President of the Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC), in the context that alternative dispute resolutions (ADRs), especially commercial arbitration, are making great strides in its development while Vietnamese justice system are following the trend of integrating with the international justice system. As a division of Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC) – the primary arbitration institution in the field of dispute resolution in Vietnam for almost 30 years, with the strength in practical experience in arbitration, the understanding in arbitration market, and a leading team of experts in multiple fields, VIART succeeds and follows up on a stable foundation, focuses its resources on promoting the development of ADRs in general and arbitration in particular in Vietnam.

Our vision, mission

Through research and training activities, VIART aims at popularizing arbitration knowledge with focus on developing human resources in order to build a community of professional arbitration users and practitioners; thus, orientating the development of arbitration and ADR market in Vietnam.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Duy Nghia is a leading scholar in law and state governance in Viet Nam. He has been teaching Law and Governance, Public Policy and Public Policy Research Methodology. He is also the author of multiple textbooks and scientific publications on the subject of legal and administrative issues. One of his main research subjects is focused on effective administration, including proposals to increase citizen’s participation in policy-making process, how to enhance efficiency, transparency and accountability of the government.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Duy Nghia is widely known by the public through his regular analysis and commentaries on leading Vietnamese newspapers and mass media on topics such as citizen’s fundamental rights, voice and accountability in government, institutional quality, the rule of law and the right of access to justice.

Mr. Pham Duy Nghia received a bachelor's degree and a doctorate in Law from the University of Leipzig (Germany). He is also a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard Law School and a Researcher at Stanford University.

Mr. Pham Duy Nghia has immense experience of practice in arbitration, with many positions such as Arbitrator, Lecturer, Researcher. Before holding the position of the Director of Vietnam Institute for International Arbitration Research & Training (VIART), he has many years of practicing as an Arbitrator at Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC), participating to resolve multiple business & commercial disputes including complicated, high-value and foreign cases.


Prof. Dr Do Van Dai is a Vietnamese jurist, teacher, attorney, a member of the International Academy of Comparative Law. In the legal community and public administration units, he is the Dean of the Law Faculty of Ho Chi Minh city University of Law, a member of Advisor Council on Case Law, the Supreme People’s Court, and holds other positions such as Arbitrator, Vice President of the Scientific Council, Deputy Director of the Arbitration Institute, Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC), Mediator of the Vietnam Mediation Center (VMC).

He is a famous jurist in the field of Vietnamese law, having researched and lectured for many years in France, then returned to work in Vietnam. Throughout his career, he has conducted and published a large number of legal research works mainly on the subjects of judiciary, civil law, commercial business, case study and commentary. He is known as a professor with great enthusiasm for the teaching profession, a scientist who has made significant contribution to the development of case law and is one of the first Vietnamese academicians at a long-standing and famous international academy of jurisprudence.







Attorney-at-Law Nguyen Manh Dzung is a qualified Vietnamese lawyer. He has over 24 years of experience in the settlement of maritime, commercial and investment disputes through international litigation and arbitration in Vietnam and other jurisdictions such as Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and France.

Mr. Dzung specialises in all types of international dispute resolution in Vietnam, including Settlement negotiations, Litigation before economic and civil courts of major cities of Vietnam, International arbitrations conducted under UNCITRAL, ICC, JCAA, SIAC Rules and Arbitration Rules of Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC) in Vietnam.

Mr. Dzung has an outstanding record of experience in the Vietnamese legal landscape and has influenced the sector in various ways, such as: (i) is an active member of the Drafting Committees on Commerical Arbitration Legislation – involved closely with the legislative process of the 2010 Law on Commercial Arbitration; (ii) Subsequently commented on the 2010 Law on Commercial Arbitration various guiding bye-laws and regulations for the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam and the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam, 

Graduating Hanoi University of Law in 1990, Mr. Dzung obtained his Master of Law Degree at Queen Mary, University of London in 2008, which focused on international and commercial dispute resolution. Furthermore, Mr. Dzung’s outstanding record of expertise has led him to be appointed as visiting lecturer on arbitration and mediation at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Judicial Academy of the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam.

Training at VIART

Because of the close working relationship with arbitrators who refer cases to the firm and the high level of service it provides, many arbitrator actually view the AlderLaw staff as an extension of their own office, and many clients refer to the VIAC staff as their extended family.

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