VIAC & VIART hosted the Training on Dispute Resolution Skills via Arbitration in Hanoi

Nov 30, 2023

On November 10 – 12, 2023, at Foreign Trade University (Hanoi), Vietnam Institute for Arbitration Research and Training (VIART) – a division of Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) – and Vietnam Business Lawyers Club (VBLC) co-hosted Training on Dispute Resolution Skills via Arbitration. The training had the participation of lawyers, law practitioners, lecturers, and students who were interested in dispute resolution via arbitration.

Training on Dispute Resolution Skills via Arbitration was hosted at Foreign Trade University (Hanoi) on November 10 – 12, 2023.

In the opening speech of the training, Dr. Ha Cong Anh Bao – Deputy Dean in charge of the Faculty of Law, Foreign Trade University – expressed his delight upon the cooperation with VIAC/VIART to host the training on commercial arbitration. As international trading is emerging, commercial arbitration is a potential alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that demands attention and further development. Consequently, Foreign Trade University cooperated with VIAC and VIART in this training to provide learners with knowledge and skills on commercial arbitration with the aim of promoting arbitration and ADR in general.

Dr. Ha Cong Anh Bao – Deputy Dean in charge of the Faculty of Law, Foreign Trade University – delivered his opening speech.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Dzung – Deputy Director of VIART – delivered his opening speech and introduction of VIART

Mr. Nguyen Manh Dzung – Deputy Director of VIART, in his opening speech, introduced VIART as well as detailed the contents and objectives of the training. He also had a discussion with learners regarding their purpose when signing up for the training course. On behalf of VIART, Mr. Dzung looked forward to the training course is going to supply learners with basic knowledge and skills to participate in arbitration, as well as networking opportunities among lawyers, law practitioners and experts in arbitration.

Lecturers in the training course

The 3-day training course has the participation of lecturers including arbitrators, experts with professional and practical experience in arbitration, and more than 20 learners who are lawyers, law practitioners, university lecturers, and law students. The lecturers of the course are all leading arbitrators and experts in the field of commercial arbitration in particular and the field of alternative dispute resolutions (ADRs) in general who have many years of experience in operating arbitration procedures and have participated in intensive dispute resolution training for lawyers and businesses. Participating in the course, besides being taught by leading experts in commercial arbitration, learners also participated in practical activities and discussions to better understand commercial arbitration.  

At the beginning of the course, the learners were introduced to arbitration by Mr. Vu Anh Duong – Permanent Vice President cum General Secretary of VIAC. In the next part, Mr. Phan Trong Dat – Head of the VIART Training Department, delivered a lecture on the basics of commercial arbitration and an introduction to the arbitration agreement. As an essential foundation of arbitration, learners continued to study in-depth and had group discussions to discuss views on several matters under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Luu Ngoc Quang – Deputy Director of the Secretariat, VIAC, and Mr. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang – Head of Arbitration Department, Dzungsrt&Associates. Ms. Dinh Anh Tuyet – Managing Partner of IDVN, VIAC Listed Arbitrator – proceeds with Topic 3 – Initiating arbitration proceedings, addressing issues such as preparing the statement of claim, establishing the arbitral tribunal, etc. To clarify issues regarding the jurisdiction and duties of the arbitral tribunal, Mr. Nguyen Manh Dzung – Deputy Director of VIART, gave a specific and detailed lecture and discussion with the learners. Mr. Dang Xuan Hop – VIAC Listed Arbitrator – lectured and discussed the procedures before, during, and after the hearings. Issues regarding arbitration proceedings management and case management, coordination of supplementary/submitted evidence, and arbitration awards were presented by Ms. Vu Thi Hang, Deputy Director of the Secretariat, VIAC. This is also the final topic of the training course, providing learners with knowledge about the arbitration procedures as well as matters related to arbitration awards such as setting aside arbitration awards and enforcing foreign arbitration awards.

Learners participated in the training course

At the end of the training course in Hanoi, VIAC and VIART hope that learners have had good experiences, updated knowledge and skills about arbitration efficiently serving the research and career development activities of learners. VIAC and VIART will continue to develop and further improve training programs, thereby improving the quality of training and contributing to the development of arbitration in Vietnam.

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